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At three precisely I was at Baker Street, but Holmes had not yet returned. The landlady informed me that he had left the house shortly after eight in the morning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Word per minute (WPM) online typing test
This typing test measures your typing speed in words per minute (WPM). Since the length of words is variable, this typing test standardizes the length of each word to be five characters, including spaces and punctuation, and then divides the total amount of characters typed in one minute, characters per minute (CPM), by this word length.
What is the average typing speed?
The average typing speed is 52 wpm (words per minute), which translates into 260 characters per minute. Some advanced typists reach speeds above 120 wpm. On mobile devices, the average typing speed is only 38 wpm, according to an academic typing study with 37,000 participants.
What does CPM mean in typing?
CPM means characters per minute. The “Raw CPM” is the actual number of characters you type per minute, including all mistakes. The “Corrected CPM” only counts correctly typed words, which is the international standard for typing tests.
Why is this online typing test free?
This is a free typing test. As makers of Typewise keyboard app and a text prediction AI writing assistant that allow you to type faster, we want to provide our community of users with a free typing test. This way you can constantly practice typing and improve typing skills. Our test is a free typing test with CPM and WPM scores, and can also be used as a typing speed test for kids to improve their typing skills.
Do kids type faster than adults?
Kids and younger people between 10-19 years old type fastest, followed by those aged 20-39, according to an academic typing study with 37,000 participants. There is also a difference between typing on physical keyboards vs texting on smartphones.
What is the best layout for fast typing?
The most common is the QWERTY layout developed by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1867 for ten digit typing on mechanical typewriters. However, when typing on smartphones with one or two digits, Typewise's hexagonal keyboard enables faster and more accurate typing due to the optimal size and positioning of the keys.

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